What makes a great brochure design and where to print it in Chattanooga


February 19, 2019


October 3, 2019

Great brochure design is about distilling the content down to what's most essential and presenting it in a way that's both visually compelling and easy-to-read. Here are 7 tips for how to do just that.

The brochure's subject matter is evident in a glance

In a split second, the reader should be able to identify what the brochure is about. That can be accomplished through a large headline, branding, and through a winsome visual. They shouldn't need to read a paragraph or open the brochure. While this is important for all brochures, it's critical for materials that are left for pickup at places like restaurant counters or brochure racks at tourism centers.

Make an attention-grabbing cover

Use compelling imagery, illustratons, and color to make a strong appeal to readers' emotions and to their curiosity:

  • Color. It's important for your brochure to be consistent with your brand. But, the front panel is a good place to use your brand's brightest color.
  • Visuals. Avoid using stock images if possible. People are generally able to recognize when a photo is from a stock website. But, photos of real people can be powerful and evocative. Consider hiring a professional photographer to provide the photos. If stock photos are necessary, spend time looking for a photo that feels natural and genuine.
I used a charming photo and a curved color block to make this brochure stand out.

Keep the copy brief

In the past, I've worked with clients who feel pressure to communicate as much info as possible through their brochures. But, most people get overwhelmed when they see walls of text. It's ok to leave non-essential info out and present just enough content to move the reader to take an action. For example, when I design brochures for realtors, I usually leave out home prices. That's the most important piece of information potential homebuyers want to know. But, if I include it, there's no reason for them to call a salesperson.

Ensure the text is legible

This tip goes hand-in-hand with the one above. Because of their limited space, the more text you add to your brochure, the smaller the text has to be. It's ideal for paragraphs to be large with plenty of whitespace around them. If you place text over images or solid color blocks, make sure there's enough contrast so that the text is clear.

Orgnaize the content so it's scannable

When reading marketing materials, most people scan the text for important content. They read headlines, bold text, and bulleted lists first before deciding to read a paragraph word-for-word. Before laying out the content, break it up into sections and give those sections helpful headlines. Ask yourself if you would get the gist of the section just by reading the headline.

Even without reading the blurbs, a reader can tell what services are offered by this Pediatric Clinic.

Make contact info and calls-to-action prominent

It's easy to get tunnel vision when you're creating marketing collateral. The visuals, the text, the layout. All of it clamors for your attention. But, the efficiency of a brochure rests largely in its ability to prompt the reader to do something. So, make it easy for them to know what the next step is. Don't make them search for the telephone number, website, or address. An established pattern is for contact info to be on the back panel. Stick with the pattern, even if you repeat the contact info elsewhere.

Use a quality Chattanooga printing company

There are a lot of options to choose from when you're selecting your printer, including online. But, nothing beats being able to walk into a print shop right here in Chattanooga, feel the paper you might want to print your brochure on, and see a proof before you move forward with the whole order. Here are the printing companies I've workd with previously and recommend:

Work with Serve to design your brochure

I got my start in graphic design when I worked as a visual designer for a small real estate firm. Over five years, I designed countless marketign collateral pieces. Leverage my experience for your brochure. Reach out and let us know about your project.