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Establishing a Dental Practice Brand

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Blaylock Family Dentistry serves the whole family with quality dental care. We wanted to stay away from anything that was overly cartoonish or playful. Instead, Taylor Blaylock had a clear vision of a seal system and wanted to incorporate a vibrant blue into his brand. With this in mind, we presented several drafts for Taylor to review.

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Brand Seal

We created this flexible seal system that adapts to the practice's needs. The full seal can be used at any time while the monogram format works well for smaller spaces. The classic colors and serif typography help this brand feel established. Pairing these elements with plenty of white space and a sans serif monogram keeps the brand from feeling stodgy.

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Monogram Design

A simplified seal was created to serve as a secondary mark.

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Appointment Reminders Design

Blaylock Family Dentistry needed clear and concise appointment reminders.

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Business Card Design

Taylor Blaylock wanted a classic and bold business card.

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