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Bespoke website development for a popular conference

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August 8, 2019

About the Client

In the summer of 2019, Whiteboard reached out to have us develop a site they designed for Catalyst's 2019 conference in Atlanta.

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Movement and Transitions

Whiteboard's designer used brush strokes and portraits as a central aesthetic motif. They requested transitions that would underscore the movement of the strokes.



If the site was successful, Catalyst was interested in re-using it for their Spring 2020 conference. The data needed to be easily editable for the next event.



01 | Movement and Transitions

Parallax movement

Parallax refers to the natural speed differential we experience when two objects are moving in the same direction, but at different distances from us. Something that's far away from us typically looks like it's moving a lot slower than something directly in front of us. Web developers have been using parallax for years to give sites a 3-dimensional feel. Since the design called for a lot of layered textures, I used parallax movement to underscore objects moving in front of the user at different distances.

02 | Editable

Content Management System

To make all of the data easily editable – things like the speaker list and the schedule – we used Webflow's content management system (or CMS). For future, conferences, all the client needs to do is add, delete, or edit the content and it'll populate on the live site. Plus, they can use the in-browser editor to change copy or update photos.

03 |

04 |

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