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February 11, 2019

About the Client

Counsel Creative is a thriving design agency in Chattanooga.

As they quintupled in size, their founder Kenny Morgan tasked us with developing their new custom website.

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Evolving from a squarespace template

When Kenny first launched Counsel Creative, his focus was on his clients. So, they used Squarespace for their site. But, as they grew, he knew he needed a unique online home for his agency.


Show off their work

As a creative agency, Counsel Creative needed a Work page that would show off their projects.


Listing their Services

With their quick growth, Counsel Creative wanted to make sure clients were aware of everything they could do.


01 | Evolving from a squarespace template

Breaking the grid

The new Counsel Creative website design was definitely not a template. It called for complex layouts with overlapping elements. Web designers call that "breaking the grid."  It gives the site a more organic, sophisticated look. In development, I used a technique (ironically called CSS Grid) to create those complex layouts.

02 | Show off their work

A work page that encourages exploration

The website design called for a three featured case studies followed by a masonry-grid of more projects. I developed the design with buttery smooth transitions to facilitate the user exploring all the work.

03 | Listing their Services

Creating a service template page

I wanted to make it easy for the Counsel Creative team to add or edit services quickly. I created a template page based on the design file and tied it into the content management system (CMS). That provided a number of benefits:

  • Service pages have identical layouts. Even though the content will be different on each page, users will recognize that the pages have the same layout and that will reduce "cognitive load". In other words, instead of having to learn where content is on each page, the user can spend more energy focusing on the content itself.
  • It's easy to add a new service. If, for example, Counsel Creative decides they want to highlight their Search Engine Optimization capabilities, they can add it as a new service just by filling in a few fields in the CMS. Once they do that, a new page will appear and a new link will appear in the website's navigation leading to the new page.

04 |

Jose's craftsmanship is only surpassed by his character. His presentation is rich with rationale and his ability to think outside the box makes him capable of taking on any project with great care.

Kenny Morgan

Owner, Counsel Creative
Medium shot of the Counsel Creative site on a laptop

All our projects ignite with the same spark.

We ask questions, get to know you, and delve into the challenges you face. Our critical thinking roars to life and we catch fire with creative ideas.

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