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Jim Lea's Team

A year-long direct mail campaign to maintain relationships

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November 2, 2017

About the Client

Jim Lea's Team is a high-performing real estate group.

I used to work for them before launching Serve. After an exhaustive audit of our database of past clients, it was clear the team had let communication slip. Many clients hadn't heard from the team for years and had never met newer teammates. To help re-establish connection, I recommended a bi-weekly postcard direct mail campaign.

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Templated Design

Most direct mail is discarded as soon as the recipient walks into their house. That walk, from the mailbox to the trash can, is the brief window you have to make an impression and get the recipient to keep reading.


Appeal through story

Stories about people make an impression. They engage our emotions and not just our heads.



01 | Templated Design

Recognizable at a glance

With postcards, you likely only have 1 or 2 seconds to make an impression on the recipient before they set down (or trash) the postcard and forget about it. To reinforce the team's brand, I kept the layout fairly consistent. The front always featured a hero image, had a blue sidebar with the team's logo, and included a signle sentence in the team's primary font.

02 | Appeal through story

Telling client stories

For this direct mail campaign, I recommended interviewing recent past clients, obtaining their permission to share their story, and sending that out to the entire database. Each postcard design had a quote from the interview. We recorded great stories and quotes, including one family whose offer was accepted on Christmas Eve.

03 |

04 |

A group of postcards designed for Jim Lea's Team

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