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January 18, 2019

About the Client

Elizabeth's Moving and Storage is a local Chattanooga movign company devoted to providing their clients peace of mind.

They were ready to bring a more custom, sophisticated look to their website. They hired Counsel Creative to shoot promotional videos and incorporate them into a new site design. Working under the direction of Kenny Morgan, I was tasked with creating a new visual language for the site and expanding it from one page to a collection of 8 pages.

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Incorporate high-end videos

The promotional videos filmed by Counsel Creative were at the center of this project. So, it was essential that they be given a lot of priority in the design.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As a family-owned business competing with big brand names, it's essential for Elizabeth's website to rank highly for local moving and storage queries on search engines like Google and Bing.


User-friendly forms

The "Schedule an Estimate" form had been crucial for generating new business.


01 | Incorporate high-end videos

Video background header

Counsel Creative, a regular partner, filmed beautiful videos for Elizabeth's. I wanted to make sure they were significantly prominent on the new site.

  • I added a looping video background to the header. Counsel Creative provided a collection of B-roll footage (shots of movers wrapping drinkware, their storage facility, their moving trucks, etc.). I placed the header content on top of the video with a slight overlay to make sure the text would be legible.
  • I included a "Watch our story" call-to-action in the header. Clicking on that button opens a modal with the main video.
  • I created a testimonials section with video thumbnails. Clicking on the thumbnails pops up a video modal. And, just in case the user is not inclined to click on the thumbnail, a quote from the video is displayed beneath the thumbnail.

02 | Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Individual service pages

Elizabeth's old website listed their services on the home page, paired with a stock photo and a short blurb. But, that's not enough content to rank well. Together with Counsel Creative, we upped their SEO strategy by:

  • Creating new pages for each service.
  • Adding helpful content to describe each service.
  • Using keyword planning to help search engines connect queries to the content on the website.

Kenny provided all of the content. I laid out the content using a "card UI", a visual tool that places content in boxes to make them easy for users to take in.

03 | User-friendly forms

Simple contact forms

The form on the old site felt a little cluttered with multiple fields. User experience research has determined that simplicity is a strong factor in form submissions. The more complex a form, the less submissions you get. I simplified the form by reducing the number of fields from 10 down to 4. Instead of using 5 fields to request a user's address, I condensed the address field down to one. By cleaning it up, we optimized the from for the highest number of submissions possible.

04 |

shoulder shot of a 27 inch monitor displaying the design files for Elizabeth's Moving and Storage

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