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Flywheel Brands

Graduating a decal manufacturer to a full-stack print marketing company.

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December 7, 2018

About the Client

FlyWheel is a multi-generation, family-owned business.

They started out manufacturing decals (they've printed more than 26 million of them), but have evolved into a full-service marketing firm with a wide variety of both print and digital marketing solutions. They needed a new website to showcase all of their offerings and to flex the marketing chops they've developed by publishing a weekly podcast.

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Suite of Services

Because of their quick growth, Flywheel was concerned that their clients didn't realize they now offered a long list of products and services.


Simple Process

Flywheel has been deeply inspired by Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller. It says marketing gets a lot easier when you're able to clarify your message into 3 digestible steps or parts.


Momentum Podcast

One element of Flywheel's marketing that I wanted to feature was their weekly podcast. It showcases their curiosity, their dedication to improvement, and their ingenuity when it comes to promoting their business. But, the old site made it difficult to browse and listen to the podcasts.


01 | Suite of Services

Product Grid

Many of the companies I've worked with in the past are service-oriented companies. Few have a physical product they create and that they can document with gorgeous photos or mockups. On the home page, right below the header, IĀ used a product grid of 6 items to quickly narrate the scope of everything Flywheel can offer.

02 | Simple Process

Emphasis on Simplicity

Flywheel's commitment to communicating their process with 3 easy steps was one of our key inspirations. In fact, it drove the design aesthetic throughout our design. But, we were particularly focused on simplicity when we designed the "Our Process" section on the home page.

03 | Momentum Podcast

Fitting out a Collection Page

With the emphasis Flywheel was placing on their podcast, it was important that users would be able to quick go through all of the episodes and find content they're interested in. We designed and developed a podcast page that breaks up the episodes into seasons and makes the content scannable by representing each episode with a bite-sized thumbnail.

04 |

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