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Greentech Homes

Connecting a home builder with prospective buyers through user logins

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GreenTech Homes is one of Chattanooga's most prolific builders. After growing from building a dozen homes a year to over a hundred, they needed a new website to keep up with their much faster production model. We designed a site that lets users create a profile, favorite homes, and get updates.

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Editable content

For over two years, GreenTech's website displayed the same image and content on the home page header. It failed to communicate the huge diversity of homes and communities they offer.


Selling Quick Move-ins

GreenTech's business model relies on selling "specs", or homes that the builder starts constructing using a bank loan and which they hope to sell to a buyer before the home is complete. The website needed to facilitate that process.


No Dead Ends

A major requirement in the creative brief was to eliminate page endings that didn't offer the user another path for them to explore.


User profiles

To help them build relationships with potential customers, Greentech wanted users to be able to sign in to the website and favorite homes and communities.

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Communicating through carousels

Carousels or sliders are a common tool used in website headers to quickly display a lot of content. Considering their wide array of offerings, we used a slider on the home page to showcase homes, communities, floor plans, and more.

02 | Selling Quick Move-ins

Facilitating spec sales

To promote their "Quick Move-ins" we created sections featuring a grid of photos, floor plan info, and (most importantly) a progress bar of how complete the home is.

03 | No Dead Ends

Inviting continued exploraton

As a part of the footer that appears on each page, we designed a two-column layout with 20 different Calls-to-action (CTA). The website admin will be able to control which CTA shows up on which page using the content management system.

04 | User profiles

Building relationships with potential homebuyers

Greentech wanted to help users comb through all of the content and bookmark their favorite homes and neighborhoods. We designed a favoriting system and a user dashboard to make that possible. By signing in, Greentech would also be able to keep users notified on any progress to their favorited items.

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