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Aligning a brand with their target demographic

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March 2, 2018

About the Client

Formerly known as Builder Ready, Hemlock Homes is a local new home construction company.

The business was launched a couple of years ago by two brothers who already owned several companies in the same field. With their resources in electrical, paint, and general contracting, it was an easy step to launch into construction. A couple of years in, however, they acknowledged that their existing branding didn't speak to the modern, high-quality construction methods they actually practiced. They decided to rebrand in order to appeal to the younger demographic who made up the bulk of their customers.

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Embedded tree

Not everyone is familiar with a hemlock tree, which are native to the Chattanooga area. It was important to make the tree evident and to emphasize that the company builds homes.


Write a slogan

Considering the unusual name, I recommended a slogan to more clearly define what the company does.



Signage and print collateral design are incredibly important in the home construction industry. They needed standout materials to advertise their homes.


01 | Embedded tree

The finalized logo design is an ultra simple "H" monogram with an embedded tree. I used the negative space between the arms of the H to suggest a second wave of branches. Iconic, geometric and smart, this concept was a superb match to the stated goals for Hemlock Homes.

02 | Write a slogan

An introductory slogan

I used my copywriting skills to draft a slogan for Hemlock Homes. Most builders in the area use their last name or a defining value proposition for their company's name. Hemlock Homes is neither. That makes them stand out. But, it also made it important to make sure there was enough clarity about who they are and what they do.

03 | Signage

Point the way

Unlike many other business where a customer's first introduction to you will be online - home buyers will often find a home when they are driving through a neighborhood and, full of curiosity, follow a directional to a home site. The signage for Hemlock Homes needed to be attractive and noticeable.

04 |

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