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May 8, 2017

About the Client

Ingleside Tutorial is an alternative school that is founded on the principles of Charlotte Mason.

Mason was a Victorian era educator who believed education should be child-focused and should use Nature as its classroom.

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Reference Charlotte Mason

Because their learning philosophy is so tied to Mason's work, it was important to reference her in the brand.


Design for kids

Ingleside will mostly be serving young children. The logo needed to feel like it was for them too.


Equip the school with collateral

Schools have a strong need for regular communication with students, families, and the wider community. Some initial collateral would help to adress that


01 | Reference Charlotte Mason

Taking inspiration from the past

Researching Charlotte Mason, I discovered that the school she started in England (the Parents' Union School) adopted the skylark as its mascot because of its ability to fly to great heights. One student even created a metallic badge that she had manufactured and gave to other students. I wanted to create an original skylark logo design that would look modern and crisp, but that would also pay homage to the school's roots.

02 | Design for kids

A fun mascot

To make the logo relatable to kids, I knew I wanted to incorporate the skylark into the logo. But, rather than make it minimal and iconic, which could feel cold or corporate, I chose to render it a little more illustrative. Imagine a baseball team called "The Skylarks" with the bird sewn onto baseball caps.

03 | Equip the school with collateral


As a school, I knew that Ingleside Tutorial would need stationery to communicate with parents and others. I wanted to provide collateral that took advantage of their playful identity while still remaining professional.

04 |

Mockup of the business card designs for Ingleside Tutorial
A badge design for Ingleside Tutorial featuring an "IT" monogram and the classic Charlotte Mason slogan.

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