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Modernizing an established accounting firm by re-building their site in Webflow

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October 6, 2018

About the Client

JHM is one of Chattanooga's oldest and most respected accounting firms.

They tasked Kenny Morgan of Counsel Creative with designing a new site. I partnered with Kenny to develop his vision for the site.

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Responsive to the browser

Kenny's design called for a beautiful desktop design and he relied on me to make it scale well to mobile.


User-friendly CMS

Kenny wanted to ensure that stakeholders at JHM would be able to edit the website easily.



01 | Responsive to the browser

The designer/developer relationship.

Websites are created in two main phases: (1) design and (2) development. In the design phase, a designer works with the client to create what the site will look like. Then, it's up to a developer to interpret the design into the code. Designs are flat images with fixed sizes. But, websites don't work that way. They're accessed by desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. The developer has to make sure the website will look good at all of these sizes.

Then there's the content. Designers will often use dummy content in their designs. But, once the client starts adding their own content, how will the website respond? A developer has to take the design file and use it to approximate how the website will behave in different contexts.

02 | User-friendly CMS

Setting up the client to modify their website

Using the Webflow editor and CMS, JHM can easily edit and add, deletem or change content. If they need to change a photo, change out some of the copy, add a new team member, or upload a new blog, they can do it all without having to wait on Kenny or I to make the change for them. Kenny and I have both used Wordpress' CMS and found Webflow's system much more user-friendly.

03 |

04 |

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