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October 1, 2018

About the Client

Lifespring is a non-profit, pediatric clinic located in Chattanooga's urban core.

Not only do they offer high-quality medical care to their patients, they have two other unique values. They are committed to viewing their families holistically, not just focusing on the physical. They actively seek to engage the community beyond their walls through a community health arm.

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Tell the Story

To kick off the project, we started by doing user profiles and journeys. From those, it was clear that the general public considered Lifespring a community clinic and didn't realize they offer full-stack pediatric services.


Emphasize the personal care

The Lifespring staff are passionate and knowledgeable. The leadership wanted to underscore their high capabilities.


Facilitate communication with donors

Another finding from our user profiles was that donors wanted more consistent communication from Lifespring.


01 | Tell the Story

Optimizing the header

It's clear from research that users are highly influenced by what's "above the fold". The header needs to immediately tell the story of what your organization does and how it benefits the user. With that in mind, I designed the homepage header to quickly summarize Lifespring's mission.

  • I crafted a headline that succinctly described what LifeSpring does. The clinic staff took a look at the language and approved it.
  • I used a background video and an interactive play button to encourage users to watch a video that LifeSpring commissioned from MakeBeautiful, a videography company.
  • I organized the navigation to make it more suggestive of what LifeSpring does. The previous website's navigation had multiple nested dropdown menus. When I used it, I was confused about where I would find a page. I even discovered new pages I didn't realize were there after using the site multiple times. As part of the new sitemap, I de-emphasized pages that would be less important to first-time visitors, like the HIPAA policy disclosure, by moving them to the footer.

02 | Emphasize the personal care

A community photo shoot

I recommended to Lifespring that they host a client appreciation day in nearby East Lake Park and take the opportunity to take culture shots of the staff and neighborhood interacting. The photos underscore the unique, caring nature of Lifespring's providers. And, it also points indirectly to Lifespring's mission to be a force for health in the surrounding community.

03 | Facilitate communication with donors

Speaking donors' language

One of the key takeaways from the user profiles I did with LifeSpring is that donors wanted to be communicated with more frequently, they wanted to see more figures on how their donations were being used, and they wanted to see stats tracking the effect of their donations. We used charts and graphs on the donation page to meet this specific need.

04 |

Serve helped our organization build our website from the ground up. I can't say enough about their attention to detail, prompt response time, and creative ability. We are thrilled with our new website and we will be using them for future content!

Erika Stuart

Lifespring Community Health
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