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Lyon Digital

Upgrading an agency's logo from a stock graphic to a custom logo mark

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December 12, 2017

About the Client

Lyon Digital is a creative firm that builds websites and offers consulting on the web.

The original logo used a heraldic style lion that had been purchased from a stock website. Judd Lyon, founder of the agency, had plans for growth and wanted to re-brand with a custom logo.

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Web Development
Icon Design
Print Design
Social Marketing

Retain the lion reference

While the heraldic style lion was a little too traditional, Judd wanted to keep the lion theme.


Ideal for the web

As a digital agency, Lyon Digital needed to look and feel like a brand squarely in the tech industry.



01 | Retain the lion reference

The wifi lion

The finalized logo design is the smart combination of a lion with the universally recognized icon for wifi signal. The bars that typically represent signals became the lion's mane with an additional line to represent the face.

02 | Ideal for the web

Designing in context

Essentially only four lines and a circle, this symbol scales extremely well. Since they're principally an online service, the client said they wouldn't be ordering any print collateral, like business cards or stationery. Instead, they needed the logo to look great inside of a 60 pixel tall navigation bar. This logo design excels in that small environment.

03 |

04 |

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