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May 17, 2019

About the Client

Make Beautiful is a Chattanooga-based videography agency with a reputation for powerful storytelling.

As a start-up, they relied on Squarespace for their portfolio website. But, as they grew and started attracting top-tier clients, they wanted to offer a more sophisticated, custom experience.

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Feature their showreel

Showreels are like a mini-portfolio with a collection of featured clips. As a video agency, it was important to feature Make Beautiful's showreel as soon as possible on the home page.


Promote video content

Beyond the showreel, Make Beautiful needed a place to display a curated library of their work.


Showcase storytelling ability through case studies

Make Beautiful is known for its ability to craft a narrative through its videos. They needed a platform to talk about their approach.


01 | Feature their showreel

Video background

To focus as much attention as possible on MakeBeautiful's showreel, we used a smaller, teaser version as a video background in the header. We even kept the header headline below the video to keep from obscuring the video too much. The play button opens a modal with the full showreel.

02 | Promote video content

Netflix style library

Inspired by streaming services like Netflix, we create a library of videos on MakeBeautiful's work page. The page is controlled by the CMS so that the team can curate and maintain the videos to their liking.

03 | Showcase storytelling ability through case studies

Documenting their process

We created a case study template page to equip MakeBeautiful with a place to share about how they came alongside their clients and told their stories. The case studies include multiple videos, images, and quotes.

04 |

Serve, and in particular Jose, were positively fantastic to work with! They made the often frustrating and stressful process of upgrading and reworking a website easy and straightforward!

Kelly Lacy


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