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Ocean Conference

Designing and developing a one-page conference site.

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July 19, 2019

About the Client

Whiteboard is a creative agency in Chattanooga that focuses on working with redemptive brands.

One of their clients, Ocean Conference, needed a website to advertise their 2019 conference. Whiteboard asked me to work on the design and development under the creative direction of Nick Blackmon, their marketing director.

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Quick Summary

Successful event sites quickly display main event info like location and date.


Ocean Brand

Ocean Conference already had a clearly defined style guide with secondary assets. The website needed to reflect it.


Speaker Lineup

One of the major draws for any conference are the speakers. As such, the speaker lineup needed to be engaging to encourage the user to explore.


Get Tickets CTA

Ultimately, any event site is about encouraging users to purchase a ticket. The call-to-action section needed to be prominent and striking.

01 | Quick Summary

Making use of the Z-pattern

Users tend to read websites in a pattern that look like a "Z" – left to right, down and across, and left to right again. We made use of that pattern by laying out the event's details in square grid with content in the four corners and the event theme in the middle.

02 | Ocean Brand

Morphing seas of color

The style guide for Ocean Conference called for large, clean typography, and undulating pools of color. To match the brand, we used bright gradients and encircled elements throughout the site.

03 | Speaker Lineup

Interactive Hover States

To facilitate users exploring the site, we created a fun interaction that triggers when a user scrolls their mouse over a speaker row. The right-hand image changes out for an image of the speaker. The user can also click on the speaker row to get more information like a biography and social channels.

04 | Get Tickets CTA

Focusing attention through space

There are lots of ways to draw a user's eye to an important piece of content (contrast, color, typography, directional elements, etc.). But, one of my favorites is empty space. Websites tend to be packed with content. So, when you come across a section with a lot of white space, your eye is drawn to the only element in that pool of space. We used that stratgy to draw users' eyes to the pricing info for tickets and the long register button.


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