Medium shot of the 12" x 12" booklet Serve designed for Greentech Homes
Greentech Homes

Documenting offerings with a 12" x 12" booklet

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October 12, 2016

About the Client

In recent years, GreenTech has expanded to become one of Chattanooga's top builders.

They have hundreds of home sites spread across all of Greater Chattanooga. And, they've designed dozens of custom floor plans to go with each community. In my previous work as a visual designer for Keller Williams, I was tasked with creating their print collateral for the Showcase of Homes.

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Bold Imagery

Greentech had invested heavily in professional photos of their homes. They wanted to make sure we used it in the print piece.


Smart Layouts

The booklet needed to house a lot of content. It was necessary to create engaging layouts the let the reader easily discern the information they needed.



01 | Bold Imagery

Let the image speak for you

One of the perks of designing a 12' x 12' booklet is being able to display full-page images. Photos sbutly evoke emotion and imagination in a way copy can't. If we tried to communicate those same things through copy, we risk sounding salesy and over-the-top. But, paired with the bold images, the copy is relieved from having to be too overt.

02 | Smart Layouts

Typographical hierarchy

With print design, it's key that the typography has a clear structure so that the eye can look over the page and, in a matter of seconds, determine what the piece is about. Notice in the adjoining above that there are three headings and one paragraph style. The most important heading, the H1, is "Northshore Heights". That's the first thing your eye sees. Second are the H2s -- "About the Community" and "Amenities". Without reading the paragraphs below, the reader knows what content is on the page. And last are the H3s. They're clearest in the amenities section. Just by scanning the H3s, the reader knows Northshore Heights offers a swimming pool, trails, an overlook, and a dog park. Most folks don't read marketing pieces like this word-for-word. They're more likely to scan it. But, just by scanning the headlines, they've been introduced to most of the content.

03 |

04 |

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