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October 7, 2019

About the Client

Valuetree Financial is the brand for Amirth Ramakrishnan, a former IT professional who launched a new career as a financial advisor.

Deeply knowledgeable about personal finances and investment strategy, Amirth needed a website that showcased his professionalism, integrity, and acuity.

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Clean simplicity

I recommended a clean aesthetic with a bright color palette to visually reflect Valuetree's principled approach.


Card UI

For new clients, there's a lot of content to go through to understand what financial advising is and what makes Valuetree different. We used cards to help make blocks of content easier to digest.


Pattern-driven aestheric

In the research phase, we noticed the a lot of financial advisors defaulted to using stock photos to populate their site. To set Valuetree apart, we used patterns and abstract icons as one of the site's defining features.


01 | Clean simplicity

Communicating transparency through aesthetics

In the financial advice industry, there's a big difference between fee-based and fee-only advisors. The former are compensated both by their clients and by vendors when the advisor sells their product to a client. There is, inherently, a conflict of interest in that arrangement. Fee-only advisors are compensated only by their clients, which renders their advice much more impartial. To underscore Valuetree's commitment to fiduciary style advice, we kept the site bright with plenty of whitespace. That subtly communicates a sense of transparency.

02 | Card UI

Compact and scannable

When you need to communicate a lot of information, using cards is a great way to keep the content from feeling overwhelming. On the Valuetree site, we needed to do a lot of education about process, fees, and benefits. So, we used slightly shadowed white cards to encapsulate the content.

03 | Pattern-driven aestheric

Departing from the status quo

When we first started working with Amirth, we looked at a lot of advisors' sites. Many of them used stock financial photos paired with their content. To make his site feel unique and different, we used patterns and icons as a repeating element throughout the site. The shapes are typically abstract representations of financial elements.

04 |

Mockup of the home page header displayed on a monitor.
Mockup of the financial planning service page displayed on a macbook laptop.

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