Branding & Logo Design

Photo of a wooden pin laser etched with the Acumen logo design.

Our Process

Logo design is about creating a unique identifier for your brand that reads well in contexts as small as social media profile pics and as large as billboards. While it is a creative process, it's important to systematize it to ensure the end result is effective.

Breakthrough Logo Design

Write a creative brief

In a word, this stage is about relationship. Our goal is to get to know you and your audience so that what we create is both a reflection of your brand and a symbol of what you hope it will achieve.

Ingleside Tutorial Logo Design

Explore through concepting

In this phase, we conduct a thorough survey of your industry, local and national competitors, and stylistic comparables so that your logo design will simultaneously (1) feel like a comfortable fit within your industry and (2) feel like a fresh and distinct change from the status quo. Armed with that info, we then generate a high volume of rough sketches so that there are a number of options to begin developing.

Hemlock Homes Logo Design

Draft and refine a logo

From among the rough sketches, we select the 3 strongest candidates to refine. We place the logo designs in various mockups to help determine their flexibility. We present you with those 3 options. Then, you select the option you like best and we then enter a revision stage to make minor adjustments based on your feedback.

Chattanooga Fellows Logo Design

Establish a style guide

Once the logo design has been fully approved, we then create a style guide complete with brand colors and typography so that you can implement the logo in a consistent manner. Along with the style guide, we provide every asset you'll need like PNGs and vector based EPS.

Over the past 10 years I’ve worked with many graphic designers, including employees when I owned a marketing agency. I’ve never seen logo design with such thoughtfulness and creativity.

Josh McGinnis

Start your project.

Every project starts the same way. I ask questions, get to know you, and delve into the challenges you face. My crticial thinking roars to life and I envision what we will accomplish together.

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