Close-up of two wood pins etched with Acumen's logo, designed by Serve.
Branding & Logo design

Elegantly simple logo designs and branding systems designed to work, scale, and age well.

Our Approach

Melding the uniquely memorable with the easily accessible

Circle icon to signify simplicity

Refine towards simplicity

The world's most successful logos are simple shapes or beautiful type sets. Their simplicity makes them more likely to be timeless and practical.

Abstract icon of various circle, differently sized

Design for flexibility

A logo needs to scale as large as a billboard and as small as a social media profile pic. It needs to work and dark, light, and complex backgrounds.

Abstract icon of two triangles pointing towards a central circle

Imbue with meaning

While a logo can't communicate the whole of your brands, it should hint at your organizations values, culture, or mission.

Abstract icon of a central circle orbited by smaller circles

Think beyond a logo

Logos are identifiers, but a brand is the sum of experiences people have of your organization. A comprehensive strategy takes it all into account.


We use a collaborative & deliberative process.


Write a creative brief

In a word, this stage is about relationship. Our goal is to get to know you and your audience so that what we create is both a reflection of your brand and a symbol of what you hope it will achieve.


Explore through concepting

We conduct a survey of your competitors so that your logo design will be both a comfortable fit within your industry and a fresh, distinct change from the status quo. We then generate a high volume of rough concepts to begin developing.


Draft and refine

From the rough sketches, we select the 3 strongest candidates to refine. We present them to you in various mockups to help determine their flexibility. You select the option you like best. Finally, we make revisions based on your feedback.


Establish a style guide

Once the logo design is approved, we create a style guide complete with brand colors and typography so that you can implement the logo in a consistent manner. Along with the style guide, we provide every asset you'll need like PNGs and vector based EPS files.

Close-up of buttons printed with the Ingleside Tutorial badge, designed by Serve.
Business card mockups for Hemlock Homes, designed by Serve

We can start with just a logo design or create a comprehensive brand voice and strategy.

  • Naming
  • Logo Design
  • Style Guides
  • Stationery
  • Illustration
  • Icons
  • Patterns
  • Art Direction