Over the shoulder shot of a 27 inch monitor displaying the Flywheel Brands website designed by Serve.
Website Design

We design effective websites that start the conversation between you and your audience.

Our Approach

We start with strategy and scale with systems.

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Design for the user

We orient solutions around what will benefit the people who will be using your website. The first step is to inventory who your audience is and how your product or service could help them.

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Create a guided journey

Every section of a website should help move the user forward to perform an action like submitting a contact form, finalizing an order, or signing up for a newsletter.

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Craft a visual language

Every website takes some getting used to before you feel comfortable navigating around. Visual patterns can work like footholds to help users get their bearing faster.

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Think it through

No part of a website design should be executed as an afterthought. The mobile version of the site, the success message for a form — it should all be considered and designed before development.

Work together

Design is always better when a small group of people collaborate to revise rough ideas into a finished product. No one person has all the right ideas.

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Polish the content

Everything in a website design — imagery, microcopy, icons, illustrations, articles — should all serve to accomplish the website’s goals.


We use a collaborative & deliberative process.


Write a creative brief

We believe critical thought should drive design decisions. So, we make a careful inventory of who the target audience is, how your service or product would benefit them, and what the most critical calls-to-action are.


Organize the sitemap

A website's structure is crucial to its success. It impacts Search Engine Optimization and the site's usability. A user should be able to intuit where to find content they're looking for through a cursory examination of the navigation.


Set the visual direction

To begin defining a visual language, we create two prototypes of the home page. On any website, the home page sets the tone for the whole experience. So, by having two examples to compare, you can envision two different directions for your site's look and feel.


Design the website

Last, we complete the full website design. We use prototyping tools to mimic the experience of scrolling through a website so you can approximate what the final product will look like. And, we advance through as many rounds of revisions as necessary to get the design just right.

Over the shoulder shot of a mobile phone displaying the Truth Project website, designed by Serve
Over the shoulder shot of a 27-inch monitor displaying the Greentech Homes website, designed by Serve.

Our experience runs the gamut from simple landing pages to complex back-end dashboards.

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