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Our Process

Of any design project a company takes on, web design and development are easily the most difficult to get right. They’re labor intensive, they can have extended timelines, and competing stakeholder voices can crowd out the needs of the user. So, it’s critical to use a thoughtful process to make sure that the project gets done on time and achieves its stated goals.

Chattanooga Website Design - 01 - Start with the user

Start with the user

We start every website project by creating user profiles. They give us an idea of who will be using the website, how they found it, what engages them when they’re using it, and what would tempt them to return. They’re also helpful in decision making. Instead of saying “I wouldn’t use that feature”, user profiles help us to look at things from their perspective to determine how they would respond.

Chattanooga Website Design - 02 - Layout a website wireframe

Create the underlying structure

The architect Louis Sullivan famously said "form follows function." In other words, a thing has to be useful before it is beautiful. In the realm of websites, one of the ways we achieve that is by using tools like user journeys, sitemaps and wireframes to create the structure of a website before we move on to designing its look and feel.

Chattanooga Website Design - 03 - Beautify the website

Beautify the website

Once the structure of the website is settled, we can start creating a visual language for the site through color, typography, illustration, photography, and repeated patterns. A website's design feels intentional when there's a recognizable system behind it, a set of rules the user can identify and rely on.

Chattanooga Website Design - 04 -  Develop and launch the website

Develop and launch the website

Design is just the beginning of a website's life. To become real, it has to get developed. And, where website designs are typically static images, websites are responsive -- transforming as browsers scale from panoramic desktop browsers to portrait-ratio mobile screens. Plus, the website needs proper structure to make sure it's SEO-friendly, or easy for search engines to understand and list as a result to a users search query.

Jose Ocando is a gifted graphic designer! He helped our organization, LifeSpring Community Health, build our website from the ground up! I can't say enough about his attention to detail, prompt response time, and his creative ability. We are thrilled with our new website, and I would recommend Jose to anyone looking for a custom website or illustrative visual material. He went above and beyond his active role and we will be using him for future content!

Erika Stuart

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Every project starts the same way. I ask questions, get to know you, and delve into the challenges you face. My crticial thinking roars to life and I envision what we will accomplish together.

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