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Website Development

Custom, smooth, fast, responsive websites built right.

Our Approach

We use Webflow's powerful platform to develop websites that are easy for our clients to manage.

Webflow is a visual development tool. We use their platform for the majority of our projects because of how fast it is to develop sites and how easy it is for you to manage.

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User-friendly CMS

Webflow's greatest strength is its content management system. On the back-end, you'll find it incredibly easy to add, edit, or delete content.

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Proper Construction

It's important to structure a website correctly. It makes the website load quickly and display correctly. Plus, it's easy to add on to the website in the future.

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Search Engine Optimization

We use SEO development strategies like load times, heading structure, and button target size to increase your website's favorability with search engines.

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Webflow's built-in e-commerce platform makes it easy to add products, carts, checkouts, and confirmation emails — all necessary parts of an online store.


We use a collaborative & deliberative process.


Develop the home page

Just like with web design, the home page sets the tone for the rest of the website. By developing it first, we give you the opportunity to see how it relates to the design and ask for revisions.


Complete development

After approving the home page, we develop the rest of the site. That includes linking the site to the content management system and making it responsive (so it looks good on mobile devices).


Exhaustive qualitative analysis

We test the site on multiple browsers and device types to catch any bugs. We also use Google's Lighthouse tool to make sure the site is performing optimally.


Launch on the world wide web

After pushing the site live, we link it to Google Analytics and Search Console so that it gets indexed quickly and so you can track user activity. We'll be available after the launch to address any issues that might arise.

Over the shoulder shot of a mobile phone displaying the JHM site developed for Counsel Creative.
Over the shoulder shot of a 27-inch monitor displaying the Greentech Homes website, designed by Serve.

Our experience runs the gamut from simple landing pages to complex back-end dashboards.

  • Custom Websites
  • Responsive
  • E-Commerce
  • CMS Integration